Our Story

    About Gamelune Interactive
    downloadOnce upon a time, in a land far far away, there was a kingdom packed full of games, and its inhabitants were swimming in the sea of games at their disposal. Life was good and every inhabitant of the kingdom was happy and full of life. Until one day, a powerful wizard came along and decided that these people have had too much fun and that it had to stop. The wicked wizard then put a magic spell on the kingdom, cursing all games to become dull and boring.

    As a result, the people of this kingdom started to wither, and the kingdom slowly grew into a boring, and lifeless one. Games became a chore, and the kingdom’s once lively people started turning into zombies, one by one.

    01One day, a gamer fled the kingdom to the foreign land, to search for a cure for himself before turning into a full zombie.  As he walked under the plain on a night of the full moon, he finds himself cured of all zombie ailment. The games in his pocket device were no longer dull and boring! However, as soon as the full moon waned, the gamer turned back into his cursed form again.

    Having noticed this, the gamer waited patiently for the next full moon, in order to enjoy his original form and great games. While gaming under the full moon, the games played by the gamer captivated a nearby stranger! The two of them spent the night playing, until the full moon waned.

    When the sun rose up again, the gamer found himself back in his own human form, the curse dispelled fully. And from that day onward, the gamer has dedicated himself to spreading the great games from his kingdom under the moonlight of a full moon, in a bid to dispel the powerful curse placed upon his people, and spread the joy to the rest of the world!02

    Welcome to Gamelune Interactive, we are the multi-cultural and multi-national team of fun-loving zombie dispellers. We hail from the land of plentiful fun games and hope to spread the goodness to every other part of the world and shape the largest, most vibrant gaming communities to have ever existed! Come and join us in a bid to get rid of the world’s cursed boring zombie games!

    Our Mission

    At Gamelune Interative, we deeply understand the importance of delivering fun and enjoyable experience through the games we operate. Just like how important it is to have to deliver more delicious food in a restaurant as compared to any other’s. Gamelune Interactive strive to magnify the fun and enjoyable elements of each game it publishes and have it served in the most acceptable manner.

    Why GameLune?

    “Lune” comes from the latin word “Luna”, which means moon. Why did we choose the moon? Because It is a spectacular satellite planet that is in synchronous rotation with earth meaning the same side is always facing the Earth. Whenever the moon appears, it would reflect the light from the sun back to earth, lighting the way for us at night. We are convinced that this is a very good way to reflect back at what we do, which is to shape and mold really good games to have it provided to all corners of planet earth just like how the moon is reflecting sunlight back to our planet at night!