Language Supported: Arabic
    Date Launched: 8th Dec 2016
    About Game:
    Super-Charged Castle Wrecking FUN! Dawn of Legend is a super charged edition of popular strategy genre that gives you the ability to summon powerful ancient titans to aid you in your castle defense or conquest!

    Over a hundred Greek, Norse, and Egyptian legendary titans is available to aid you in your conquest! Mix and match them freely to form your dream team of unlimited conquest , legend and fame!

    – Summon and collect over 150 legendary titans and heroes straight out of Greek, Norse, and Egyptian mythology
    – Keep your surviving army after each castle raids.
    – Battle it out without casualties to prove your strategy and gain fame
    – Play locally, battle globally.
    – Balanced matchmaker to pit you against even powered foes.
    – Upgrade, evolve and equip your titans with powerful relics into powerful forms.
    – Utilize endless base-building options to turn your base into a powerhouse
    – Assault enemy bases with the power of the Titans to ascend the ranks in strategic PvP combat
    – Join an alliance with friends and support each other in battle to vanquish your rivals together
    – Explore the PvE world, conquer cities to earn valuable resources, and expand your empire

    Idle Souldier-Adventurer

    Language Supported: Arabic
    Date Launched: 25th Jan 2017
    About Game:
    Idle Souldier-Nonstop Adventurer let your relive the nostalgic days of demon hordes slaying from the comfort of your palm 24×7!
    Devise a strategy and set your formation of heroes and they will carry on their duties nonstop while you go about your real life daily business. Idle Souldier-Nonstop Adventurer is designed especially for YOU who still itches for the fun of legendary gear farming but just don’t have the time to do it anymore!


    – Farm legendary loot, Experience, Gold and even Diamonds while you are away!
    1- Plan your formation strategically, mix and match 3 of 4 different SOULdier for the best outcome!
    2- Harness the power of the various SOULshard! Use it strategically to strengthen your formation or counter enemy formations.
    3- Play FREE and get treated like a VIP by unlocking achievements!
    4- Gain honor by participating in ARENA matches against other PLAYER.
    5- Meet friends and venture into the great rifts using the Adventurers from your friendlist and gain loot together.”