The benefits of being part of GameLune

    Being part of GameLune in fact, provides an opportunity for you to grow. GameLune standards lead our daily effort, and as a result we keep doing our best. We aim to enhance the work atmosphere, to create a wonderful and not to mention an enjoyable company. As a result we can say, that we produce the most fantastic mobile games ever.
    Our main value in GameLune, is to create games that will be, in the first place more than enjoyable for the players, and will remain like that for years. By building strong relationships, which in the first place, come from respecting the time and money of players, players who trusted us and played our games. That’s why we keep trying to build games, to build great communities, we focus on achieving the satisfaction of our players.

    Here are some advantages of working with GameLune:

    1- CHANCES TO DEVELOP: if you are ambitious, and looking for a place to grow, then GameLune is the best place to go.
    2- YOU ARE IN GAMELUNE, YOU ARE AT HOME: In GameLune you will find a great environment, a team like a family, sharing all their social events. You’ll also find many free refreshments, hot or cold drinks.
    3- GREAT BENEFITS AND FLEXIBLE POLICY: with extremely versatile working hours, and 25 paid vacation days over the year, GameLune achieved the balance for its employees; between their own personal lives, as well as their professional ones. Even supporting you after retirement with a great compensation.
    4- GREAT OPPORTUNITY TO GROW: With the belief that growth comes from teamwork, GameLune invests in its employees and respect them. With this great spirit, we work to achieve the best we can do, to build a company we’re proud to be part of.

    Gamelune Interactive’s Vision

    Gamelune has been focusing on mobile game development, as well as overseas publishing since day one. Our company has licensed many mobile games overseas, and had them published outside China. We don’t only see games as software products, but as the best medium of entertainment. We are committed to our desire, to produce well designed and artistically crafted games, which take the boundaries of interactive entertainment overall, to an even higher level.

    Every employee of Gamelune Interactive, from the developers team to the game masters, feel at home in our great working environment. This is after all, the most important aspect of our company! We are all expected to contribute, to turn our company to an environment, that is more inclusive and positive. Where newcomers and great ideas are welcome.

    We are currently looking for more talented, ambitious, humble and diligent professionals, to help us get better in the industry, and we promise to return the favor! Our teams prefer action rather than simple bureaucracy. We here at Gamelune Interactive, have high interest in those who see things differently, are creative, and aren’t afraid to experiment new things!
    If you think you’re qualified, to work at Gamelune Interactive, don’t hesitate and send your CV our way!!